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This is Beyla. She'll be 4 in March. Thanks for the great Brittany.

 Mark Gunderson



Hello Gene!  Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to let you know that Colby is doing great!  He is a VERY friendly little guy and amazingly smart!  We are loving him!  Thank you again for our amazing dogs!!

Diana and Jason Duenwald 


Lucy (Zip and Jackson) is three this year.  We were out recently getting ready for her fourth season of hunting.  I thought that would enjoy this picture and know that she has been doing well in the field, and a true member of our home.

Best regards John


Liberty(Pup's name) has followed a chucker wing trail...pointed geese and backs naturally.

Gene, I hope you and Neveta have a splendid Holiday season. My hunting season has gone well in spite of low pheasant numbers. What fine fine dogs you have given me. Best wishes.

Mark & Cathy


Hi my name is Jerry Norton I bought a dog from you about 20 months ago. Riley is not only the best hunting dog I’ve ever had or seen work. She is a very loving and great friend. Thank you very much. I wish i knew how to send pictures.

Ginger turned 1 yesterday and I thought you both would enjoy seeing her. She has been a great traveler going to family homes and to a rental house in Florida. She loved the beach but if we had taken the leash off, we think she would have ended up in the middle of the Gulf going after the sea gulls!  She is doing well and showing some maturing self control! She loves kids and all dogs!  She gets many compliments on being a beautiful Brittany!

Hope you are doing well. 

Pam and Carl 



We picked up a puppy from you a few years ago. I haven't been able to get him out as much as I'd like to but we had a couple of great days this year.  He's turned out to be a great bird dog and an important member of our family.  He is smart and biddable and can go all day.  Here are a couple of pictures from a recent hunt.  Thanks for running such a great breeding program.


Best Regards

Jerry Jacot



Happy Thanksgiving, Emmylou is doing great, training is going well and she has one hell of a style and drive! Great dog, might get her out on a hunt come late december.

Enjoy the holidays




Gene  –

Thought you would enjoy this picture.  My son and I were in SD this past week.  It was WARM.  82 degrees on Friday.  Too warm!  But we hunting slow and took several breaks.  Miley did great!  She did however manage to get into some barbwire and ended up with pretty good cut on her leg.  We stitched it up and stapled it but it is in a tough spot – right on her elbow.  As you can expect she didn’t slow down after she was cut – she just kept hunting.  She is as tough as they come! 




: Hi gene, I got a brit pup from you in June this year. She is now just 6 months old. I took her quail hunting yesterday for the first time and guess what, Riley and I got our limit. She pointed, held her point, retrieved cripples a perfect hunting dog. Thanks




Hi Gene,

 We took this picture of Otis recently pointing a bird in our backyard.  We don’t hunt but every so often his instinct kicks in and he will point at the wildlife in our suburban back yard or when we are on a walk in our neighborhood.  The other picture is from last Summer relaxing with his buddy (our younger son.)  Otis will be two on Aug. 30 (he came from the 2014 Zip/Dolly litter.)  He’s been a wonderful addition to our family!  We are so grateful to you for allowing us to add him to our lives.  We hope all is well with you and Neveta and wish much happiness and joy to other families lucky enough to add one of your dogs to their family.

 Take care, 

 Tracy Patterson



Thank you so much for our beautiful Sadie.  She is such a joy and a wonderful puppy.  She checked out great at the vet and has been a very welcome addition to our home.  We registered her today with the AKC and her official name is Nevene’s Sadie the Explorer.  She truly is an explorer and will venture anywhere we let her.  She loves running through tall grass and going for walks.  WE couldn’t be happier!

Thank you

Shannon & Gordon Couffer


Tess (our new puppy name) has made a nice transition she is doing very well.  First night wasn't to bad. Tilly our 5 year old dog is doing wonderful with her so far.  We are introducing them slowly.  She is eating good and playing :). My oldest completely fell in love with her .  Not sure how long until we keep them out in the pen together. I'm concerned she may get to cold. Any suggestions ?  Thank you again you've made our family very happy :)


Gene and Neveta

Thought you might like a picture of Sam. He will be 8 on May 12. He had about 100 Quail and Chuker shot over him the first year out. About the same for year two. He has continued to hunt every year since with almost as many birds. This year he started hunting with my uncle's puppy a French Brittany Zoe. Besides being a great hunter he's a great companion as well, good with children great in the house good in every way.  Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how he is doing.  Wes & Carol Doniff


Hi Gene,  I wanted to let you know how Ally is doing.  She has grown up to be a real loving dog. She is a stinker.  She likes to get into everything.  I'll tell you, she is really a smart girl. She learns very quickly.  She has been in puppy class and advanced puppy and just graduated from Beginning Obedience classes this past Monday.  Gene, she is extremely birdy.  She points birds in our yard all of the time. She gets so excited with them.  I know she would be a great hunting dog with the proper training.  We want to thank you so much that we were able to get her.  She weighs about 30 lbs.  We drove out to Phoenix, AZ. This past October.  My sister has two male Britts.  Her Britts are six and eight years old.  Ally did great on the drive out.  She travels really easy. I'll send you some pictures in a few days.  Keep up the good work.

 Thanks for everything

 Russ and Linda




Hi Gene,
Thought I would sent you some pictures of Bella which I picked up from you in March of last year. Her name is Bella's Lost Creek of Nevene's Zip and she had a really great year in the field. I did run her in a couple of field trials and I thought she did really well but I was the only amateur and she didn't place, it was a cover dog trial. Think I'm giving up on the trialing scene. This past Sunday we had a training session in the woods and she had 27 bird contacts with mainly woodcock and a few grouse. She had 18 solid points and does a good job of not chasing after the flush. She is picking up on whoa on the barrell and when yard training but it hasn't yet translated to the field. I have attached some pictures from our training on Sunday.
Like I mentioned we had a good hunting season in Michigan hunting woodcock and grouse. We finished
up harvesting 25 woodcock and a lone grouse. My shooting was not as good as it should have been, she easily encountered at least a hundred bird contacts and finished the season pointing 3 different grouse and 2 woodcock but I could only harvest 1 woodcock, we hunted only 20 minutes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go out west to hunt pheasant and quail. Maybe this year. I also a couple shots of our successful hunt.
Anyway, I hope you and Neveta as well as your Britts are doing well. I am thinking about getting another pup from you next spring assuming my wife lets me. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



First I would like to say; what a pleasure it was meeting Gene and his wife Neveta. They really take care of their dogs and you can tell they love it! They will help/work with you in any way they can and give some good advice! I picked up my pup from Gene on a Sunday at 49 days old, took him home, at day 55 he is already doing good in the house. On day 53 I just had to see how he would do on a wing and a fish'in pole. It's not a great picture but, about the 5th time the wing hit the ground he pointed and held one of his points for about 2 mins. We did this for about 10-15 mins and he didn't want to quit! He even had his noise on the ground smelling at the scent. Whoooo Hooo! Hope to have him on his first hunt in November of this year. If anyone is interested in a Brittany with good bloodlines, I don't think you can go wrong! More pics to come! Thanks again to Gene & Neveta!


 Tony & Nancy Reis



These pictures are from a recent hunt near Morris, IL.  Jaeger and I don’t make it to the field near enough, but when we do he does great.  Other than the one week he spent with you he has had no formal training.  He works hard, loves the field, and is a joy to watch.  The fact that he does so well in the field is testament to his breeding.

 Mary and I take him camping several times a year.  I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me to comment “what a beautiful dog”.

 D.J. Balzer



Dear Gene and Neveta- I'm not sure if you will remember my husband, Lee Fancher and I.  In 2006 we bought our beautiful tri-color female pup from you.  We had originally wanted a liver and white female to go with our liver and roan male, Buddy.  We registered our pup as LesLee's Little Bit of Nevene and called her Bitsie and later Little Bit.  Although Lee did not train or hunt her due to time constraints as he was still working a lot, she became a very important part of our life and could not have been loved more.  We recently retired and took both dogs on several trips to Texas and last spring on our retirement trip to Florida and the Keys.  We have a camper and had always planned to winter in Florida.  We arrived here in Fl 1/2/2013 and until yesterday were enjoying our "place in the sun".  The dogs really enjoyed the wonderful weather.  Unfortunately both dogs decided to go for a run on their own and found their way to the main road.  We rescued Buddy but found Little Bit laying beside the road.  She was still alive but passed away on our way to the vet.  We are all devastated.  Lee is taking it very hard as she was his special girl.  To make a long story a little shorter,  I see on your web site that you have 3 litters due this year.  I would appreciate it very much if you would let us know if you have any liver and white or especially tri-color females in these litters.  I am not sure if Lee will be ready for a new pup but our Buddy is already so lonely and we all got used to being a family of 2 Brittanies.  Thank you so much for allowing us to have our very special girl.  I do not know how to add attachments on my IPad but I am sending you a couple of pictures separately.


Hello Gene,

A little over 7 years ago, my family and I visited your kennel and came home with a puppy.  We still have him (his name is "Bevo Nevene Tidrick) and he has been a joy to us.  With the right owners, I am confident that Bevo would have become a champion, as was his father, Ripsnort.  People who know dogs, such as our vets, have always commented on how handsome he is and what a wonderful spirit he projects. 

I just thought you might get a kick out of knowing that Bevo is well loved and a source of immense happiness to my wife, 2 daughters, and me.  I have attached a photo of him looking over the deck behind our house so that you would see what good looking guy he is.  That picture was 4 years ago -- it's hard for us to believe that he will be 8 years old in April.  I attached another from last summer of him enjoying a boat ride.  He's a great dog (and in excellent health) and we are glad we hooked up with you years ago.

I hope all is well with you and yours.


Best wishes, Don Tidrick

Gene -

Thought you would enjoy this picture of Miley.  I had a slight scare on this trip.  She submerged herself in a cold water hole and the outside temp was 33 degrees.  She went into hypothermia and hypoglycemic shock.  Bounced out of it when we got some sugar into her body at a local vet and warmed her up.  He suggested some high energy/sugar treats for her while she hunts but she doesn't like treats when she hunts.  I was thinking some karo syrup and a mouth syringe to get something into her mouth from time to time.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

Mark Talaski



I am very excited to hear that the puppy is a male, now I just have to convince Jared that we need him. :)  Chigger has been the perfect addition to our little family.  Chigger has learned a lot from Romeo over the past year and still looks to him for guidance on a day to day basis.  She always has to be doing what he is doing, as well as chewing on whatever rawhide or treat that he is chewing on.  She is a little thief!  However, she has not picked up on his hunting instincts...Romeo will sit at the sliding door looking in the backyard for bunnies and squirrels and Chigger will sit next to him and look outside and then look at him, almost as if she is thinking "what are we looking at?"  She loves car rides, snuggling on the couch, stuffed animals, and most of all ice cream!!  They are both very spoiled!  I attached a handful of pictures of her over the past year.  Some of the pictures include her first time at the lake up in MI, she wasn't a fan of the water but did like boat rides.  Also, both Romeo and Chigger were in a 4th of July dog contest in MI and Chigger won 1st place in the medium sized dogs and Romeo won 2nd in the large sized dogs!  We hope all is well with you guys. 

Jared, Kari, Romeo, and Chigger



Hi Gene.  I sending some pictures to family and thought you might get a chuckle out of knowing what Bing has been up to.  To refresh your memory, he was from a group of 5 month olds that you decided to sell and even though I had been on a waiting list for a puppy, I saw two of the older dogs.  Originally, I was thinking of taking the other puppy home but after watching Bing run a little bit and seeing that he is a gentle dog, I thought he would be better suited for life at home with my cat.  He is a real sweetheart and views the cat as just another Brittany - only one that he has to be gentle with when playing.  The cat flat out loves him and routinely comes up to him and head butts him and rubs up against him.  Sometimes, he baits Bing into chasing him through the house just for grins and giggles.  He has a major set of wheels and runs very well.  He handles birds well and I train with him two to four times per month at Wil-Nor Hunt Club in Dittmer, MO.




Here are   a few pictures of babe   from this morning.  Did pretty good. Its cute how she gets all sneaky   when pin pointing a birdShe is doing well.  Pretty spoiled  and such a sweetheart.  take care





We are the family who purchased one of your puppies on Easter Sunday last year.  Realizing that we've never sent you a picture of her, and that you asked for is a picture of Piper playing in the backyard today.  She's a good puppy.


Craig Kinnison



Hi Gene and Neveta!

                I don't know if you will remember us. Me and my dad came from Michigan and bought Bucko.  I wanted to give you an update on how Bucko is doing. We had a great year hunting. I would estimate Bucko pointed 30 to 40 woodcock and partridge here in Michigan. His retrieving isn't great but is getting better. This year in South Dakota he turned into a hunting maniac. He absolutely hunted like he was possessed. He pointed many many pheasants. He was hitting the thickest cover.  I also drew a waterfowl license for South Dakota and he right there retrieving ducks with my buddy's lab. I think he has an outstanding nose. He pointed quite a few birds that my hunting buddy's lab and German Wire hair had gone past and they are both really good bird dogs.  My dad is 84 years old now and lives by himself. Bucko is the best thing to happen to him.  He loves that dog more than I can say.  Hope all is going well for you. Thanks for the great dog!

Sincerely Bud


Dear Gene and Neveta,

    I am sure that with as many puppies as you have placed throughout the country over the years, remembering every individual buyer is next to impossible.  My wife, Julie drove over to Liberty in April 2001.  She was coming over to pick up a female Brittany and you did not have one available at that particular time.  Fortunately for us, you suggested that she consider taking a male pup that you had kept out of a "pick of the litter" arrangement.  He instantly became a permanent member of our family.  My son, JP was 11 years old at the time.  In addition to having "Rocky" as a pet, he would be used as a bird dog as well.  Without any formal training, just following some older experienced dogs owned by a friend of mine, Rocky immediately understood his mission.  He aggressively pursues birds in the field providing solid points.  I have to admit Rocky is used as bird dog about 2 percent of the time and the other 98 percent, he spends as a regular family member.  Some of his unique attributes include, he is an incredible mouser, (points the mouse in the garage, we pull the box away from the wall and he pounces on it and hands it to us)  he receives a bath once a week and he literally jumps into the tub by himself and waits for Julie to come in and bathe him, he loves to be blown dry with the hair dryer when he is done.  He lays on his back and goes to sleep while Julie uses a Dremel tool to file his toenails.  He also loves it when Julie brushes his teeth and uses a dental pick to address the plaque.  He sleeps in our bedroom every night in his own bed.  He has never once shown any aggression towards people or animals.  Our vet said he has the best temperament of any Brittany he has ever seen.  He was never neutered and we have thought that he would make great puppies.  He craves attention and loves to be petted continuously.  We are fortunate to have several great places for him to run.  All of our walks consist of him running at full tilt, quartering back and forth in front of us.  He will be 8 years old on Feb. 11.  He is starting to grey a little bit around his eyes, but he still thinks he is a puppy.  I suspect you probably have a drawer full of letters similar to mine, but I just wanted to say thanks for providing us with the best dog we have ever had.  I have provided a few pictures from over the years.  As you can see, we have watched our son, JP, grow up along with Rocky.

 Your friends,

 John, Julie and JP



 A couple of hunting pictures from this year, one from Saskatchewan on a sharp-tail, hun and pheasant hunt, and the second from last weekend on a North Dakota pheasant hunt.

 Buster is one of your dogs I bought from you in June of 2006, he has turned out to be a tremendous each of the pictures, he's the one with the red collar.

 Bob Donogh

Winnipeg, Manitoba


     Hello Gene

     Chester is doing well, and we are very happy with her!

      Thank you, Todd Gilmore